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One of the most important Skills in learning English is fluent English speaking skill. Any English learner must have the ability of speaking to claim being an English learner.

In Melal Language institute speaking skills are taught professionally. we are going to talk about speaking teaching method, the teachers and the duration of learning English Speaking In Melal institute.

English speaking teaching method

English speaking teaching Method Melal language institute is based on first language learning process And it’s called SNC.

This method is innovated by Melal language institute, Dr. Golsa Faghihi . PHD owner in English teaching and a native speaker of England.

Grammar is taught completely practically in Melal Language institute in SNC.

Teaching speaking skills based on first language learning process

SNC is one of the newest and the most useful method for teaching English speaking skills. Teachers focus is on real situation and not the theoretic vague topics.

The key in teaching English by SNC method is repeating. Just as a baby learning his first language. he doesn’t know what is a verb or a noun. but he can speak properly after a while

So you are going to learn English speaking skills using pamphlets, English audios and need for speaking English at class. You can feel your promotion as soon as you engage in SNC classes.

teaching practical grammar

English grammar is one of the apparently important cases in teaching English. But the point is that many grammatical rules are not useful in daily life.

So Melal language institute has decided to include daily usage of grammar in SNC English teaching Method. You will have to use English in real situation. Monitored by our native English speaker teachers.

Consequently students will get to the grammar point and learn how to use language confidently. Teaching practical grammar helps speeding the learning process.

Teachers of SNC courses

Having native speakers of English language is extremely important in SNC teaching Method. For the audios are recorded by the teacher.

Therefore incorrect pronunciation or English vocabulary usage will cause erroneous English Speaking skills as the students listen audios constantly.

Melal language institute ascertains to use native or native like teachers as SNC teachers. So that the best result would be obtained as always.

The principle of Melal language institute rigorously chooses all teachers. Specially SNC teachers who are more crucial in students English Speaking skills. Our teachers are the best just like Dr. Golsa Faghihi.

The principle of Melal language institute

The principle of Melal language institute having years of teaching experience determines to apply the best teaching methods. And English speaking skill is the most important field in his prespective.

Because students usually nag about participating in different English speaking classes and not getting to the point they are aiming to.

And most importantly English Speaking Skill is essential for immigration, Job opportunities and participating in different English interviews.

Dr. Golsa Faghihi PHD owner of English Teaching

As said above SNC teachers must be so competent and native speaker. Dr. Golsa Faghihi PHD owner of English teaching and innovator of SNC English Speaking Skill and University professor guarantees your learning accomplishment.

Duration of learning English Speaking

English Speaking process is different from person to person. The duration of English learning depends on each person’s persistency and effort.

The more you try for learning by watching movies, Speaking your second language and listening related audios, the more you get to the point of speaking English fluently.

To join in English Speaking Skill courses which are specified for employees and adults you can call Melal language institute.

English Speaking Skill specified for adults

Adults are usually unsatisfied with the time in which classes are held. some times they are so scattered during the week.

As a result Melal Decided to hold the SNC classes once per week. With longer duration and more affective in learning English Speaking Skill.

Join English Speaking Skill courses

To join English Speaking Skill courses the students must start basic SNC level. Even if the students had passed some English courses before, correcting pronunciation errors makes us start from the beginning.

To join SnC courses call Melal and start your English Speaking Skill learning online right now! Follow us on instagram.

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